The greedy book

This project was undertaken as pitch work at Amobee. We were briefed to create a concept for an entire mobile advertising campaign to publicise the launch of the new Firefox browser for Android. After working through a number of different ideas, we eventually decided to piggy-back off the US presidential election which was about to take place at the time, inventing a fake presidential candidate to represent Firefox for Android, who would urge users to choose Firefox over their current browser.

My role within this project was in the conceptual and design processes - creating a user flow and designs for a mobile website. The website was designed to create a social buzz around the campaign by allowing users to “join the cause” and pick a political title to represent themselves with. They would be awarded with a plaque and be able to post a tweet through the official twitter account for the campaign.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win this pitch but I was still very pleased with the work that we produced.

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